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Nursery Painting Tips From an Interior Painter

Give Color to a Nursery Room!

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or just a friend or family member waiting for the arrival of a precious little one, get ready to paint! The excitement of preparing a nursery for a new baby is palpable. Hiring a professional interior painter is the routine here. It’s the least expensive, least time-consuming, and most essential way to dramatically impact the atmosphere of any given room. Before you start painting, keep these things in mind:

Eggshell Finish

The task is made more difficult by the existence of various paint finishes. A nursery may not be the best place for matte’s lack of slickness and potential to get dirty quickly, but it does have a great, custom look. Due to the difficulty in maintaining a matte finish, frequent touch-ups may be required. If you’re looking for a surface that gives the impression of being very easy to clean, the eggshell finish is a better choice than the matte finish.

Go Green!

Not that we’re suggesting you do it, but if you’re feeling particularly bold and want to paint your walls lime green, go for it! Go green and select colors with fewer toxic compounds for the sake of your baby’s and the planet’s health. Non-VOC paints, which don’t use toxic solvents, are ideal for this purpose.

Bright Colors

Fun awaits us once we’ve reached the room’s brilliant colors. Choose a color scheme and an overall theme that speaks to you as a starting point. Painting test patches on the wall is a quick and easy way to determine the best colors to use in a room. There are no hard and fast guidelines to follow, so go wild or pick a color scheme that will complement the rest of the nursery furnishings.

Need help picking a hue? Consult an expert interior painter if you want to redecorate the nursery room. The painters of DM Enterprises LLC are available in Colorado Springs, CO to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. Call us at (719) 312-7380 now!